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Buckler's Hard, Beaulieu River, Agamemnon Wharf by A Victor Coverley-Price

Buckler's Hard is a peaceful haven on the banks of Beaulieu River, Hampshire. There is a long history of shipbuilding on this estuary: wooden-walled warships were built for Nelson's fleet, from timber taken from the surrounding New Forest. Coverley-Price - the adventurer and artist - has painted the Wharf where Nelson's favourite ship, HMS Agamemnon,was built. Her keel was laid down in 1777 and she was commissioned in 1781. Nelson served as her Captain in 1793-96. She was then one of the ships in Nelson's column for the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805.

Coverley-Price's picture includes no people at all; just a scatter of boats and glimpses of the sinuous River and sand-spits. The dramatic contrast between this quiet scene and its past as a busy, commercial shipbuilding wharf, with a major role to play in Britain's history, must have appealed to the artist. Yet the scudding clouds and the luminous light which bathes the whole landscape, lend a blithe optimism to the scene, excluding any hint of melancholy.

Oil on canvas
Size Unframed:
19½ins x 23½ins
49.5cms x 59.5cms
Size Framed:
24¾ins x 28¾ins
63cms x 73cms
Signed, lower right; inscription verso