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Landscape with River by Ronald Ossory Dunlop

Though not signed, Dunlop's name appears verso, apparently in his hand. The picture was originally purchased from the artist's wife.

The tightly-structured composition and the impasto paint - applied 'like butter' as Dunlop said - is typical of the artist's pre-WWII work, perhaps dating from the late 1930s.

'The ideal in palette-knife work is to put each small dab of paint in the right place, as in a mosaic, and not to disturb or alter the freshness of the thick impasto.'

Oil on canvas
Size Unframed:
15½ins x 19½ins
39.5cms x 49.5cms
Size Framed:
21½ins x 25½ins
54.5cms x 64.5cms
Inscription, verso