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Overy Staithe by Jack Cox

Burnham Overy Staithe is a hamlet not far from the popular village of Burnham Market. The estuary of the River Burn is now silted-up - full of tidal creeks and salt marshes - so, where once the trading ships could sail up the River, now there is draught only for small craft, in the harbour at Overy Staithe. There is no sense, in this painting, however, that Overy Staithe is a melancholy place, regretting its past. Instead, there is nothing but an affectionate depiction of the effects of the wind, sea, boats, people and their cottages. The paint is thick and deftly applied. In places, Cox has scored lines into the wet paint, emphasising the expression of immediacy and vigour which dominates this scene, on the North Norfolk coast.

Oil on board
Size Unframed:
18ins x 27½ins
44.5cms x 70cms
Size Framed:
24ins x 34½ins
62cms x 88cms
Signed, lower right