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Collecting & Enjoying Modern British Art

We are keen and experienced collectors and dealers of works of art. Our collecting has been about buying and hanging what we love, what moves us, what challenges - sometimes, what perplexes us. Therefore, we come to the sale of our works with the anticipation that those who buy from us, or simply enjoy the web-site, will share something of our fascination for these paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints, from British Painters

We try to ensure that our pictures are well-framed - which often means that they have been reframed (and, for this, we must thank David Murden, at Framework, Nottingham, with whom we have spent many happy hours discussing what might be the best frame!). Where appropriate, we have elected to retain what we believe to be the original frames. Sometimes, these may not be in good condition but they are distinctive and so we have kept them. We have also photographed all of our pictures in their frames and, where necessary, have included photographs of the verso of the picture. This is so that you can gain a good idea of what the whole piece looks like - no cropping, for example and no unpleasant surprises.

We have included sizes of pieces (height x width) - unframed as well as framed - and have indicated dates, condition, exhibition etc., where appropriate. We have not consistently included references to awards, professional recognition, membership of exhibiting bodies etc. These can be important, of course, but it is too easy to overlook a set of initials - and thus offend - and this information is generally available elsewhere.

We have a range of work, from signed prints and small pictures by 'British School' artists to large pieces by well-known figures. The period we cover runs from c.1848 (year of European revolutions!) to the present day. You will find mini-essays about most of the artists. For us, exploring a little bit about the artists (beyond what is usually available) has been illuminating and helps to place the artist – and the viewer – in a broader cultural and political context. Of course, though we have drawn on a number of very useful references, the views are our own. We should love to hear from anyone who has more information to add or another point of view to make.

We have included prices on all our pictures. We have tried to ensure that these are reasonable and, where necessary, inclusive of taxes, such as the Artist's Resale Rights (ARR) at 4% (for further information see 'Terms & Conditions').

We hope that you enjoy what you see and read here. We take pleasure in hanging a wide range of pictures in various settings. Likewise, we have tried to ensure that what we offer you is a collection of pieces representing a breadth of themes and styles and a discriminating eye for what is interesting, distinctive and outstanding. Do get in touch if you would like to make an enquiry or simply have a chat about what you like to collect, to share with family and friends and enrich your life. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Highlights and a Selection of Recent Arrivals

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