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Cattle at Craigbrae
James Fullarton

The farm at Craigbrae lies just down the road from Straiton, the Ayrshire village where Fullarton lives and paints. Put your nose close to this small canvas, and almost all that can be seen are the broad and juicy strokes of the artist's brush, which resolve themselves into cottage and farm, three cows, sky and earth, light and shadows. The artist has taken full advantage of the qualities of acrylic, which allow him to work at speed and manipulate the consistency and luminosity of his paint. One has the sense that he knows this farm like the back of his hand and is, therefore, not just familiar with, but attached to, its character and its uses. The real theme, here, is Fullarton's affection for the place, his relish in its mood and habit, his love of his materials.

This is probably the original frame. There is a slight mark on the canvas slip.

Acrylic on canvas board
Size Unframed:
9ins x 10¾ins
23cms x 27.5cms
Size Framed:
16ins x 18ins
40.5cms x 45.5cms
Signed, lower right

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