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Dark Island by Barbara Rae

In 1996, Barbara Rae stopped teaching at Glasgow School of Art, where she had worked since 1975. From this time on, she has concentrated - with even more energy and time than hitherto - on her own work. 1996 also saw her being elected a member of the Royal Academy and having a solo exhibition at the Art First Gallery, then in Cork St., London. Rae launched herself on a period of travel, painting and printing images in several parts of the world, including South Africa, Ireland, southern Europe, the West Coast of America and, of course, her familiar, NW Scotland.

Landscape inspires Rae - and walking, drawing, photographing and studying it helps her to immerse herself in the particular place and to discern and extract something of its historical, personal and universal significances, before weaving these strands of understanding into a rich and textured whole, in her studio. This dark and seductive evocation of a fragment of the night probably dates from c.1996.

New mount within what we believe to be the original frame.

Mixed media on paper
Size Unframed:
10ins x 12ins
25cms x 30cms
Size Framed:
19ins x 20½ins
49cms x 52cms
Gallery label, verso