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The Football Game by Thomas Heath Robinson

Though painted towards the end of his life - and perhaps not for a particular book - it is clear that Robinson relishes the chance to produce a work which must delight the inner child. Richly coloured, the striking gestures and silhouettes dominate the foreground, the vivid movement standing out against the the more loosely-painted, flattened, background. The assumption that young men in medieval times were, in fact, just the same as their successors, is a theme one can find in many inter-War illustrations of historic events and brings to life - especially for children - long tracts of our history.

Oil on canvas
Size Unframed:
20ins x 27ins
51cm x 68.5cm
Size Framed:
29ins x 36ins
73.5cm x 91.5cm
Signed with initials and dated 1951, lower left